INSONOFLOOR NRG is a membrane composed of polyester felt laminated to a bitumen membrane, covered with a high-density polyethylene film. his product not only soundproofs laminated floating floors but can also be used with other types of flooring such as hardwood floors and multi-layer engineered wood floors.


  • Meets the requirements of the Novoclimat Program regarding soundproofing a floor adjacent to a patio door (R-value greater than 0.5)
  • Reduces impact noise and airborne noise
  • Protects against moisture and mold
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Contributes to thermal insulation of the floor
  • Contains post-production polyester fibers
  • Designed according to LEED® philosophy
  • Suits all types of floating floors
  • Quick and easy installation


Dimensions 0.91 m x 11 m (36 in x 36 ft)
Coverage 9.3 m² (100 ft²)
Thickness 3 mm (3/16 in)
Permeability to water vapour: < 0.016 perm; exceeding the requirements
of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)
Weight 11.1 kg (24 lb)
Thermal resistance (R-value): 0.53

Surface Preparation

Make sure the surface is free of all debris, such as nails, screws or any other construction rubbish that may damage the product once the floor finish is applied on the product. Generally, a good cleaning is enough to prepare the surface. Also make sure that there are no gaps between the two floor support panels. If necessary, fill those gaps with acoustic sealant.

The same preparation as for the wood deck should be performed, but since this product is a vapour barrier, you must also make sure that the concrete deck does not have a moisture rate so high that the product traps the moisture in the concrete. A maximum moisture content of 3 lb/1,000 ft2/24 h (1.46 kg/100 m2/24 h) is recommended. This reading can also be taken with a calcium chloride test.



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