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The Company

Established in 1996, RESISTO, a division of SOPREMA, specializes in the manufacturing of residential and light commercial construction products. SOPREMA, during its 100 plus years of existence, has passed down to RESISTO, its vast experience, great service and unparrelled excellence in the manufacturing of waterproofing and other weather proofing materials. RESISTO is designed to meet the tough demands for today’s weather tight building requirements.
Over the years, RESISTO has expanded its product line to a multitude of applications around the building. For the contractors and consumers who are increasingly savvy and keen and want a quality product, RESISTO offers products that stand out because of their easy installation and outstanding performance.
Whether it is for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing or protection of asphalt surfaces, RESISTO provides accessible, easy-to-install, innovative, and professional-quality products and solutions for both below and above grade applications.



Since its inception, RESISTO has earned itself a strong position in the hardware and full-line stores of the Canadian market, starting in Québec.

In 2009, RESISTO began to initiate a rapid growth in the United States as well, with a focus on the distribution market, which is expanding each and every year thanks to the company’s omnipresent and highly-skilled sales force.

Technical Support

RESISTO is totally dedicated to its customers from coast to coast, providing reliable expert technical support that is accessible from anywhere.


Proud of its history and many successes, RESISTO is motivated more than ever to continue on the path of innovation in an ever-changing market. Here are some highlights of RESISTO’s history:


















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