An 8-mm thick reflective insulation consisting of two layers of air bubbles laminated between aluminum foil on each side. One of the aluminum sides is covered with a clear polyethylene coating, which protects the insulation against oxidation in applications under concrete slabs.



  • Is quick and easy to install
  • Reduces condensation, air infiltration, and energy costs
  • Reduces inside heat gains and provides an excellent R-value
  • Is a reliable, long-lasting vapor barrier
  • Prevents condensation and is not affected by mold
  • Can be installed on the interior or exterior of structures and over existing insulation
  • Is available in rolls up to 8 ft (2.5 m) wide


BarcodesDimensionsBrute Area / Net
6 23680 55144 2243.84 cm x 19 m (96 in x 62.5 ft)46,45 m² (500 ft²)
6 23680 55145 9121.92 cm x 38.1 m (48 in x 125 ft)46,45 m² (500 ft²)

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