PRODUIT - Expertseal Mélange de nivelage en pâte professionnel 13.6Kg (EN)

The EXPERTSEAL LEVELLING PATCH for asphalt surfaces is designed to repair medium cracks and joints in asphalt pavement and to level shallow depressions.

The EXPERTSEAL LEVELLING PATCH protects against water infiltration into asphalt pavement breakdown caused by wear, rain and freezing temperature.


  • Efficiently levels the cracks, joints and slight depressions on asphalt pavement for a beautiful appearance
  • Extends the service life of asphalt pavement


BarcodesContainers / Formats
6 23680 50109 613.6 kg (37 lb)
6 23680 50108 93.62 kg (8 lb)


BarcodesUnits per boxeUnits per palletBoxes per pallet
6 23680 50109 614848
6 23680 50108 9615025

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface using a stiff brush or a chisel.

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