Flashing tape

Self-adhesive bitumen membrane that eliminates drafts and water leaks by ensuring the continuity of air barrier and waterproofing systems around doors and windows. FLASHING TAPE must be covered by a finishing material





  • Provides a continuous air/water barrier
  • Resists strong winds and gusts
  • Eliminates drafts and water leaks


Thickness 25 mil
Minimum installation temperature 50 ° F


BarcodesDimensionsBrute Area / Net
10054094 in x 100 ft33.3 ft²
10054066 in x 100 ft50 ft²
10054049 in x 100 ft75 ft²
100540312 in x 100 ft100 ft²
1005402* Special order18 in x 100 ft150 ft²

Surface Preparation

The substrate should be clean, sound, dry and free of any loose materials, grease and contaminants that may compromise the performance of the product.


Over surfaces such as OSB, concrete, gypsum or fiberglass structural panels, use of EXTERIOR PRIMER or H2O PRIMER is strongly suggested.
FLASHING TAPE could usually be applied over a caulking bead such as polyurethane or butyl provided they are fully cured. It is recommended, however, to test it and ensure their compatibility prior to full application of the membrane.

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