PRODUIT – Lastobond Smooth Seal HT (FR-EN)

LASTOBOND SMOOTH SEAL HT ROOFING UNDERLAYMENT is a self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen. This nonslip, flexible, self-sealing membrane can be used in outdoor temperatures ranging from -49°F to 240°F (-45°C to 115°C). It has an easy-to-remove silicone-treated release sheet (split-back) on the self-adhesive side.

LASTOBOND SMOOTH SEAL HT is a high performance roof underlayment used under shingles or metal roofing.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Self-sealing around nails and screws
  • Meets the ASTM D1970 standard
  • Clean, fast and easy installation
  • UV resistant (60 days exposure)
  • High tensile strength
  • Effective and hard-wearing
  • Requires no special tools
  • Consistent thickness


Surface Anti-slip plastic film
Underside Silicone release film
Structure Glass mat
Thickness 1.2 mm (47 mils)
Operating temperature -49 to 240 °F (-45 to 115 °C)
Minimum application temperature 5 °C (41 °F)
Limitation / restrictions Do not apply directly onto wood planks. Cover surface with plywood or OSB panels prior to the membrane application.
For safety purposes, verify that membrane is not dusty, wet or icy to keep its maximum anti-slip properties.


BarcodesDescriptionsDimensionsBrute Area / NetWeight
6 23680 00929 5With box0.91 m x 20 m (36 in x 65 ft)18.2/16.6 m² (195/178.75 ft²)22.3 kg (49 lb)
6 23680 00959 2Without box0.91 m x 20 m (36 in x 65 ft)18.2/16.6 m² (195/178.75 ft²)22.3 kg (49 lb)


BarcodesUnits per boxeUnits per palletBoxes per palletWeight per pallet
6 23680 00929 512525550 kg (1,212 lb)
6 23680 00959 236792 kg (1,746 lb)

Surface Preparation

Apply to clean, dry surfaces of plywood, OSB or RESISTOBOARD asphalt panels. Product can be left exposed up to 60 days under certain conditions.


Roofing underlayment

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