PRODUIT - Joistguard 9" (EN)

JOIST GUARD provides waterproof protection for joists that prevents rotting of structural timber under exterior floors, such as decks and balconies. Is a self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen. The surface is made of polyethylene; the underside is covered with a silicone release film. Four-inch rolls are ideal for two-inch-wide joists, while nine-inch rolls are used on double joists at the perimeter of the structure and to seal the joint between the wall of the house and the deck.


  • Substantially extends the service life of the deck at low cost
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Self-sealing membrane around fasteners
  • Pattern-free, black membrane, thus unnoticeable through the decking
  • Easy installation at any temperature
  • Compatible with most decking materials, such as treated wood and composite materials


Surface High density polyethylene
Underside Silicone release film
Thickness 0.6 mm (25 mils)
Limitation / restrictions Not design for roof application
It is recommended to install the deck on joists within 48 hours of JOIST GUARD installation


BarcodesDimensionsBrute Area / Net
6 23680 10094 723 cm × 22.9 m (9 in × 75 ft)5.2 m² (56 ft²)
6 23680 10099 210 cm × 22.9 m (4 in × 75 ft)2.3 m² (25 ft²)


BarcodesUnits per boxeUnits per palletBoxes per palletWeight per pallet
6 23680 10094 7414436442 kg (974 lb)
6 23680 10099 2932436442 kg (974 lb)

Surface Preparation

Apply to a clean, dry surface.


Waterproof protection for joists

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