PRODUIT - Resistoflex (FR-EN)

RESISTOFLEX eave and valley protection membrane is an SBS modified bitumen membrane which is sanded on both sides with fiberglass reinforcement. RESISTOFLEX‘’s SBS modified bitumen components improve significantly the underlayment’ flexibility. RESISTOFLEX has 1.12 m (44 in) width and meets, in most cases, the requirement of the National Building Code by having an underlayment membrane that covers the roof area by at least 300 mm (12 in) from the inside of the exterior wall. This can be achieved, most of the time, with only one membrane width.


  • Non-slip, sanded finish
  • Effective and hard-wearing
  • Withstands exterior temperature fluctuations
  • Clean and easy to install
  • Consistent thickness
  • Significantly improves the underlayment flexibility
  • Meets all the requirements of ASTM D4601


Surface Sanded
Underside Sanded
Structure Glass mat
Thickness 1.4 mm (55 mils)
Limitation / restrictions Not recommended under metal roofing.
Do not apply directly onto wood planks. Cover surface with plywood boards or OSB boards prior to membrane application.


BarcodesDimensionsBrute Area / NetWeight
6 23680 00931 81.12 m x 20 m (44 in x 65 ft) 22.4 m² (241 ft²)36.7 kg (81 lb)
6 23680 00943 10.92 m x 10 m (36 in x 33 ft)9 m² (97 ft²)15 kg (33 lb)


BarcodesUnits per palletWeight per pallet
6 23680 00931 8301,102 kg (2,430 lb)
6 23680 00943 164958 kg (2,112 lb)

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be dry, clean and free of loose particles.


Membranes are installed on plywood boards, OSB boards or RESISTOBOARD asphalt boards.

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