SOPRA-XPS 30 is a thermal insulation board made of rigid extruded polystyrene with shiplap or square edges on its four sides. It is composed of closed cell foam. It is mainly used as a thermal insulation for SOPREMA foundation walls systems and under concrete slabs where the applied loads do not exceed 30 psi. Compliant with CAN/ULC S701.1 Type 4.








  • Exceptional water and moisture resistance
  • Durable and strong
  • Superior initial and long-term thermal performance (R-5/in)


Function Insulation
Product roles Insulation
Insulation board
Storage instructions SOPRA-XPS 30 thermal insulation boards must be stored on a flat substrate, protected from UV and sheltered from inclement weather. As they are flammable, they must be protected and kept away from flames and intense heat sources during transportation, handling, storage, and installation.
Application Adhesive
Mechanically fastened
Technology XPS - Extruded Polystyrene
R and RSI Value Converter
Length 8 ft
Width 2 ft
Board thickness 1 in to 4 in
R Value 5.0 per inch
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