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Which products should be used to repair cracks in the foundation?

The WATERPROOFING REPAIR KIT FOR FOUNDATION CRACKS contains all the material needed to repair cracks in residential and commercial building foundations. The kit contains:
BASIC WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE (50 cm x 7 m / 20 in x 23 ft)
• Brush and gloves

What are the differences between a reflective insulation system and a radiant barrier?

Reflective insulation is thermal insulation composed of enclosed air spaces sandwiched between one or more low-emittance materials. A radiant barrier system consists of a reflective material facing an open air space. The main difference between the two is that a reflective insulation system has a measurable R-value (source: RIMA).

By definition, this means that our AYR-FOIL bubble products are reflective insulation systems because they already have an enclosed air space sandwiched between the outer layers. Radiant barriers are typically products, such as aluminum-aluminum or aluminum-kraft paper. These products can also be reflective insulation systems if their foil side is facing an enclosed air space.


In most applications, it is recommended to seal seams with an appropriate tape. AYR-FOIL TAPE (vinyl, metalized, aluminum) meets fire ratings and vapor barrier requirements. The glue is designed to adhere permanently to foil and white polyethylene.

Where should you use AYR-FOIL insulation?

Your imagination is almost the only limitation to the many uses of AYR-FOIL. It can be installed wherever you would use any other insulation. It can also be used for other applications, such as a camping mattress, stadium seat, cooler insulation or windshield screen.

Is AYR-FOIL a vapor barrier?

YES. All our bubble products are ASTM E96-compliant type 1 vapor barriers. Like any other vapor barrier, AYR-FOIL has to be installed in the right place in your assembly. Perforated aluminum-aluminum and aluminum-kraft paper radiant barriers are available when a vapor barrier is not desired.

Does AYR-FOIL work in warm and cold climates?

YES. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, the three methods of heat transfer (conduction, convention and radiation) apply. AYR-FOIL will radiate out warm air in the summer and keep it in during the winter.

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