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Extruded Polystyrene: Resistant, Robust and Versatile


Polystyrene is a synthetic insulation material of which there are two types: expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Although it can be found in many forms, the board remains the most popular. Made of closed-cell foam, extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels – commonly known at SOPREMA as SOPRA-XPS – are used primarily in foundations, walls, inverted roofs (including terraces and green roofs) and parking lots.



Thanks to the density of its closed-cell composition, SOPRA-XPS has exceptional resistance to water and water vapour. It is also designed to perform in all applications, even in areas exposed to moisture, such as underground walls and inverted roofs. It is versatile and can withstand extreme temperature changes and freeze-thaw cycles without permanent damage. Moreover, even when exposed to moisture, SOPRA-XPS resists mould and bacteria.


Standard Compliant

SOPRA-XPS complies with the CAN ULC S701.1 Standard thanks to the four following features:

  • Good compressive strength;
  • High R-value (R-5/inch);
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Very low water absorption.

SOPRA-XPS has a consistent long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) of R-5 per inch even at low temperatures. It maintains its thermal and mechanical performance throughout the life of the building. It is incredibly durable and has high compressive strength for heavy and dynamic loads.


Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Air Leaks

SOPRA-XPS’s homogeneous closed-cell composition prevents the formation of large voids in the insulation, which would allow uncontrolled movement of air through the assembly. Moreover, SOPRA-XPS contributes to obtaining LEED credits.

Energy losses caused by air leaks from a poorly insulated building can represent a high percentage of heating and cooling costs. In both summer and winter, extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels can regulate the temperature inside a building over a long period of time. As we mentioned earlier, this type of insulation maintains its thermal performance throughout the life of the building.


A Wide Range of Products

SOPREMA offers thermal insulation panels made of high quality extruded polystyrene. SOPRA-XPS panels, which are available with straight or shiplap edges, offer many benefits and are suitable for several types of applications.

They are clean, easy to cut and don’t generate dust. They are also lightweight and very easy to install. And they’re available in diverse sizes and compressive strengths to meet all needs.

SOPRA-XPS 20 with shiplap edges is designed for the insulation of above-grade exterior walls.

SOPRA-XPS 20 with grooved edges is perfect for the insulation of above-grade exterior walls and on the inside of foundation walls. The grooved edges are specially designed to accommodate 1 × 3 inch wood furring.

SOPRA-XPS 25 CW is perfect for cavity wall insulation. Thanks to its practical dimensions, it fits perfectly between rows of wall ties.

SOPRA-XPS 30 is designed for the insulation of exterior foundation walls and under foundation slabs.

SOPRA-XPS 35 is ideal for the insulation of new or refurbished inverted roofs to improve their thermal resistance.

SOPRA-XPS 40, 60 and 100 are designed for applications involving heavy loads requiring high-density insulation. Applications include inverted roofs such as green roofs and terraces. They can also be used under certain foundation slabs that support very heavy dead or live loads.

In conclusion, when you are looking for insulation that is as powerful as it is resistant—for foundations or a terrace for example—you can count on SOPRA-XPS to bring you peace of mind!

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