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Which products should be used to repair cracks in the foundation?

The WATERPROOFING REPAIR KIT FOR FOUNDATION CRACKS contains all the material needed to repair cracks in residential and commercial building foundations. The kit contains:
BASIC WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE (50 cm x 7 m / 20 in x 23 ft)
• Brush and gloves

How should you choose a subfloor soundproofing product?

There are many subfloor products on the market. To make an informed choice combining performance and durability, it is essential to know what to consider.

The subfloor membrane must act as a vapour barrier, since the wood reacts to moisture. To maintain its acoustic performance, the subfloor membrane must be resilient, which means it must remain stable without sagging over time.
In addition to these two essential elements, several other criteria must be considered and compared to choose the right product:

  • The installation method
  • Its compatibility with complementary products (e.g. adhesive and mortar)
  • Product knowledge of installers
  • Membrane thickness
  • Compliance with various programs (e.g. LEED and Novoclimat)
  • Results of various acoustic tests (e.g. FIIC, FSTC and Robinson)
  • The anti-fracture characteristics (for a membrane applied to ceramic)
  • Etc.

Discover the RESISTOSOUND products that are available to you for soundproofing your floor.


Which products should be used to waterproof parapets or upstands in new construction or renovation work?

RESISTOFLASH KIT is ideal to waterproof parapets and upstands in new construction or renovation work. The kit is quick and easy to use. RESISTOFLASH is ready to use and can be applied without any primer on most surfaces, such as asphalt shingles, granulated elastomeric membranes, wood, concrete or metal. RESISTOFLASH granules are also available for projects on granulated surfaces. The kit contains:
RESISTOFLASH REINFORCEMENT (15 cm x 7.62 m / 6 in x 25 ft)
• Brush and gloves

Which products should be used to waterproof a home-made shower base?

The WATERPROOFING KIT FOR SHOWER BASE contains all the material required to waterproof a home-made shower base of approximately 1.75 m² (19 ft²). The solution is effective, clean and easy to install, requires no special tools and the result is durable. The kit contains:
RED ZONE WATERPROOFING TAPE (10 cm x 7.6 m / 4 in x 25 ft)
RESISTO BASIC WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE (50 cm x 3.5 m / 20 in x 11.5 ft)
• Brush and gloves

Which product helps to restore and protect metal roofing from corrosion?

The RESISTO ANTICORROSION SEALANT is a thick, homogeneous waterproofing coating made of elastomeric bitumen, volatile solvents and reflective aluminum pigments. It restores and protects metal surfaces, such as metal roofs, sidings, storage tanks, and water ducts from corrosion. The aluminum pigments protect the sealant and the coated surface from UV radiation and offer an attractive appearance.

Which product helps to ensure air/vapor barrier waterproofing of exterior surfaces (doors and windows)?

RED ZONE AIR BARRIER AND WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is mostly used as an air/vapor barrier for door and window frames. It provides continuous air and vapor protection, eliminates drafts and water leaks, is self-sealing around nails and screws to ensure waterproofing, is UV resistant (must be covered within 90 days), and is clean and easy to install and requires no special tools.

Why is it recommended to install a protective membrane on exterior floor joists (patios and balconies)?

The installation of a protective membrane as RESISTO JOIST GUARD prevents the rotting of structural timber under exterior floors and substantially extends the service life of the patio at low cost.

Is there a product you can use to flash and protect the joints between the sill and the jamb, which are often the most critical areas?

YES, RED ZONE CORNER GUARD saves time and helps reduce costly cutting, folding, and caulking mistakes when waterproofing complex details.

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