Select GR Mop/Cold

Select GR Mop Cold

The Resisto Select GR Mop/Cold cap ply is composed of SBS modified Bitumen applied onto a glass mat reinforcement. The SBS sheet is manufactured with a granulated topside and a sanded underside for adhered applications.


  • Clean, fast and easy installation
  • High tensile strength reinforcement
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Consistent thickness
  • Can be used on low slope and flat roof
  • Cost effective for retrofit and new construction
  • Anti-slip granulated surface


Thickness 3.5 mm (136 mil)
Minimum application temperature 4.5°C (40°F)


BarcodesDimensionsBrute Area / NetWeight 
8 86442 08104 9 1 m x 10 m (39 in x 33 ft)10 m² (99 ft²)/9.1 m² (97.5 ft²)42 lb (93 lb)


BarcodesUnits per palletWeight per pallet 
8 86442 08104 9 301290 kg (2850 kg)


The Resisto Select GR Mop/Cold cap ply sheet is used as an adhered cap ply membrane. The Resisto Select GR Mop/Cold cap ply is intended to be adhered to properly prepared substrates (clean, dry, and/or primed) with hot-applied asphalt or cold applied asphaltic adhesives.

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