SOPRA-ISO is a polyisocyanurate insulation board with a closed-cell structure and a fibreglass-reinforced organic coating. Since their R-value is the highest among all types of insulation (R-5.7), the result is a thinner yet more efficient roof system. The high dimensional stability of polyisocyanurate prevents the creation of thermal bridges in the roof system.









  • Highest thermal resistance among all types of roof insulation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Available with straight or shiplap edges for an installation that is twice as fast


Function Insulation
Product role Insulation
Application Adhesive
Adhered with hot bitumen
Mechanically fastened
Technology Polyisocyanurate
Width 4.0ft
Service temperature - 73 to 122 °C (-100 to 250 °F)
Underface / Surface Organic paper reinforced with fibreglass yarn
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